Ch. Hvala Ragtime



 Jazz finished his Championship in January 2001 at under 2 1/2 years of age. He is a large, sound boy with a scissors bite and full dentition. Jazz is OFA Cardiac normal. His sweet personality makes him a joy to live with.  We are now waiting for Jazz to mature and fulfill our early expectations. 


LGRA racing!

jazz.h17.jpg (120171 bytes)  jazz.h18.jpg (96170 bytes)  jazz.h19.jpg (89240 bytes)

Just born!          3 weeks old          4 weeks old

jazz.h20.jpg (93098 bytes)  jazz.h6.jpg (122862 bytes)

  8 weeks old        14 weeks old

jazz.h7.jpg (85236 bytes)  

             5 months old                  6 months old

7 months old and 4 point major!

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