Hvala A Moment In Time



Kodak pictured at 18 months.

Kodak started out with a bang, placing first in the 6-9  Sweeps and Regular classes at the Midwest Borzoi Club Specialty and third in the 9-12 class at the Borzoi Club of America. He is a typey dog whose flashy coat and nice side movement are going to make him exciting to show when he matures. 

Kodak has full dentition, dark pigment and a scissors bite. He is OFA cardiac and thyroid normal and CERF clear. 

See him run!

kodak coursing 2.jpg (20711 bytes)

kodak coursing.jpg (18375 bytes) 

kodak coursing 3.jpg (80882 bytes)


kodak.10.jpg (135314 bytes)   kodak.11.jpg (52085 bytes)   kodak.12.jpg (89620 bytes)

 Just born!      3 weeks old    4 weeks old

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                8 weeks old                 14 weeks old


6 months old

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